Meet the Therapist 

LaTasha Billingslea, LMFT

LaTasha earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Georgia State University. She then continued her studies at Mercer University School of Medicine achieving a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. LaTasha has gained extensive knowledge during her career, which includes working directly with individuals and families affected by alcohol use disorders, trauma, life transitions and communication issues.  LaTasha’s previous experience includes working in residential settings, area hospitals and in community-based environments, advocating for and coordinating the best quality care for her clients and their behavioral health needs.

Latasha has a special appreciation for marriage and the different challenges that it brings. LaTasha works on a foundational level, getting at the root of all conflict and uncovering hidden beliefs so that you can fix your broken communication patterns and create new dynamics based in love and mutual respect. Using Gottman principles we go through a process that allows transformation.  

In addition to using Gottman principals, LaTasha uses a myriad of evidence-based treatment modalities such as DBT, Solution-focused therapies, and Family Systems theories, to help equip her clients and their families with the tools they need to overcome life’s challenges and to achieve a flourishing life.

LaTasha has been helping couples and families for over 12 years. Discord, disruptive children, poor communication, partner with mental health issue, blended families, infidelity, old family secrets are just some of the issues that Latasha has helped families work through.

Latasha supports her clients in the healing of old wounds and mending dysfunctional behavior patterns that have kept them in bondage. Give your relationship the love it deserves. Schedule today!